Introducing: Keyword-Based Advertising!

We've just implemented a new feature here on Tordex and we think you're going to like it. You already know about our classic banner advertisements, which are simply images that are displayed on our homepage and on some search results. Now we have a new type of advertising that you can use to promote your website: keyword advertisements!

Keyword advertisements are similar to ads that you might see on Google search results. They appear as an inline result that is indistinguishable from the other results. This means they have a title, link, and description, just like regular results.

You can set keywords to define when your ads are shown. Every time a user performs a search query, we separate their query into a list of words. If any of these words matches one of your keywords, your ad will be shown to them in the results. Keywords are words, separated by spaces, not commas.

Let's take a simple example. A user searches for "best tor marketplace". You have created a keyword ad campaign for your marketplace, which uses the keywords "market marketplace". Since the user has searched for "best tor marketplace", and your keywords contain the word "marketplace", your ad will show up in the results.

We hope you enjoy using this new type of advertising on Tordex!

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