Important Information Regarding Tordex Email Scams

It has come to our attention that there have been some emails circulating lately claiming to be from Tordex. These emails ask for payment for advertising. Needless to say, Tordex will never email you asking for payment with Bitcoin addresses in the email.

All of our payments occur here on the Tordex website. We never send invoices or receipts or requests for payment over email. If you receive an email from a person claiming to operate Tordex and asking for advertising money, it is a scam and you should ignore it.

Remember, anyone can make an email account and claim to be us. Furthermore, people can sometimes spoof email addresses to make it look like they are sending from a different email. A scammer may register the address "[email protected]" but then spoof the email headers to make it look like the emails are coming from "[email protected]".

Even if you receive an email from "[email protected]", or a similar address, please remember that we will never ask for payment in email. If you receive an email like this, someone is spoofing our email address! This is not from us!

We will also not refund any money that is lost to these scammers. If you send money to a scammer who is asking for advertising payment, we will not take pity on you and renew your advertising here on Tordex for free. This is your own responsibility. Please be safe.
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